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What Is A Legacy Dentist?

Legacy Dental
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Legacy Dental

In this article, we will discuss what the term “legacy dentist” means and how it is different than the term “traditional dentist”.

In today’s world, making a living in dentistry is very difficult. In fact, for some dentists it seems nearly impossible to stay afloat and fully cash in on all their years of training. If you’re experiencing the same negative feelings about your dental practice that this article covers, consider taking your practice to new heights and labeling yourself as a “legacy dentist.” Find out below how being a legacy dentist can help you take that step towards meaningful success and set yourself apart from traditional dentists.

Legacy Dentist

First, let’s talk about what a “legacy dentist” is. A legacy dentist is a dental practitioner who has developed an interest in the art of dentistry and the science of it and has gone through the hard training to become a licensed dental professional. They have chosen, however, not to just be a normal “everyday” dentist. A legacy dentist can be characterized as someone who has great passion for their art and strives to learn all they can while gaining experience through practice. A legacy dentist strives to understand each patient and what they need treatment-wise when it comes to their oral health. At an legacy dental practice, the legacy dentist also has the desire to see their practice grow with the help of new dentists and wants to be there for their staff and patients.


The Legacy Dentist Difference

Legacy dentists work harder than typical dentists to learn all they can. They aren’t content with just settling into a comfortable career doing what they always did in the past. A legacy dentist wants to learn how to create new procedures or new means of investigating problems that others may not have talked about before. They are willing to do more research, go back further in history, and experiment more with different techniques and materials. These are all characteristics that your average dentist doesn’t have. A legacy dentist wants to be more than “just another dentist.”

A legacy dentist is always looking for a new way to better serve their patient and continue to grow as a business owner. This is what sets them apart from other dentists who are stuck in the tradition of doing things the same way they did when they were in school. The legacy dentist has enough knowledge, skills, and training to take their practice to new heights whereas an average straight-forward traditional dental practitioner would always be satisfied with just practicing dentistry. With a legacy practice, it’s okay if concept of marketing or advertising just appears out of thin air. In this case, a legacy dentist will approach it with an open mind and try to figure out what needs to be done in order to make their practice better.


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